Volkswagen Connect

Want to learn more about your vehicle? Perhaps you want to receive key data and information on a regular basis? If so, the innovative Volkswagen Connect app and Connect DataPlug will be able to offer a comprehensive level of driving information direct to your smartphone. Available on selected models, the Volkswagen Connect DataPlug can be fitted free of charge by a member of the team at Winchester Motor Group today. Once installed, download the free app and enjoy access to a host of information.

Key features

Trip information

Volkswagen Connect keeps detailed journey logs including such information as time, duration, route, and cost per trip. Using this data, you will be able to refine your driving style to improve performance.

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Driving style

An even more detailed assessment of your driving style is also provided, detailing acceleration, braking, speed, and RPM in an easy-to-digest graph.

Fuel monitoring

This feature records the regularity and details of your refuelling, helping you keep track of your spending.

Mobile Fuel Monitoring

Parking space

Track the location of your vehicle as well as the duration you have been parked there, and use the Route function to guide you back to the location quickly.

Service partners

Get in touch with Authorised Repairs - such as Winchester Motor Group - direct from the app.

Find out more about Volkswagen Connect and pick up your DataPlug today.

Assistance Call

For more safety.

This section enables you to directly contact the 24-hour breakdown services or the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance at the touch of a button if you have a technical problem or even an accident.

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For more information and safety.

A quick fitness check-up of your Volkswagen. This section of the app provides you with all the most important information about your vehicle in one place and displays alerts explaining issues or recommending the course of action.

For further information on Volkswagen Connect, including FAQs, please visit the website.

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