Volkswagen Cambelt Change

As one of the hardest working and most important components of your vehicle’s engine, the cambelt experiences significant wear and tear over time. Failure to maintain the condition of the cambelt - or, more accurately, changing at suitable intervals - can lead to serious engine damage and require timely and expensive repairs. As such, you should aim to ensure regular checks and changes - approximately every four years - help avoid any issues.

With Winchester Motor Group, our team of Volkswagen technicians are able to check and replace your cambelt as and when required. Our cambelt change service involves stripping down the relevant parts of the engine to renew the cambelt and tensioner, followed by the reassembly of your engine. In addition, we can also conduct the same process and replace the water pump at the same time, with such a procedure far simpler once the engine has been stripped back.

To find out more about having your Volkswagen cambelt replaced, the experience of our team of technicians, and a quote on the associated costs, get in touch with the team at Winchester Motor Group today.