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Available from Winchester Motor Company & Garland SKODA Aldershot

It can be quite aggravating when hitherto pristine car paintwork is damaged in some way, even if only with a light scratch. Of course, it’s simply a part of the natural wear and tear that comes with owning an automobile.

However, you can significantly improve the likelihood of your ŠKODA maintaining its as-new lustre with paint protection. This thermoplastic urethane substance provides car paintwork with an invisible film, safeguarding it against grit, bird droppings and other such detritus. It also minimises the effects of colour fading.

While paint protection can be applied by just about anybody, it doesn’t mean it should be. Apply too little and it won’t work as well as it ought to; apply too much and the results can be a mess. By taking advantage of our expertly trained technicians, you can be certain the job will be done properly – and will offer maximum effectiveness against weathering.

Professionally applied paint protection is stress-free, partly because you don’t have to do it yourself but mainly because the results speak for themselves. You’ll soon notice that your vehicle requires less frequent washes – and won’t need to be polished.

For just £399, you and your ŠKODA can enjoy the benefits of paint protection – to learn more, please get in touch with us today.

Supplied & applied by our dealerships for £399