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SEAT Air Con and Brake Fluid

Did you realise that a vehicle’s air conditioning system can lose up to 10% of its gas every year and failing to maintain it can significantly impact fuel economy and vehicle performance? If not, you may well be due to have your air conditioning system checked by a team of professional technicians. At Winchester Motor Group, our experienced SEAT and CUPRA technicians will be able to service and maintain your system to a level that is as comprehensive as the manufacturer itself.

Our air conditioning service will see our team drain and recharge the system, check hoses, filters, belts, and connectors, and ensure that the compressor and condenser are functioning correctly. We recommend that this service is carried out every 24 months to ensure the best performance for your vehicle. Get in touch today to book a service and find out more.

Brake fluid change

Like regular checks of your air conditioning system, regularly changing brake fluid is crucial to the ongoing performance of your vehicle. After all, failure to check can lead to the build up of moisture which may then lead to the boiling of brake fluid while braking. The tell-tale sign of such issues is a feeling of ‘spongy’ brakes.

You can take advantage of an affordable brake fluid

change with Winchester Motor Group by contacting our team of technicians today.