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Service process for COVID 19 – customer

  1. Customer books vehicle in via phone, email or on-line booking system
  2. Pre-call the day before to check what work is being done and to see if anything needs to be added to the job card before arrival the following day. Cost of service to be advised and anything that is required on the service as well. Advise customer the time of the appointment and what to expect on arrival. (clean hands with sanitiser at door – sign for work via I-pad on service and GDPR consent via website, keys to be left on desk with I-pad). Will advise that personal items to be removed from car where possible and only car key given to service desk (all other keys removed) and if they have a loan car then check code to be brought in as well for the license check to be carried out.
  3. Customer arrives at correct time – cleans hands and then makes way to service desk – service advisor will keep hold of original job card (on plain paper) and ask the customer to sign I-pad so that we can then print off job card with customer signature when customer has left. Customer to fill in GDPR request on website. Customer will then leave via front door.
  4. If customer is to have loan car then the form will be left on the desk – filled in with details for customer to sign – check code given to service to confirm license details. Keys to loan car will be on desk (loan car will have protection kit fitted before customer arrives and customer will be told to keep this on at all times).
  5. Key and I-pad will be cleaned – key to be tagged ready for protection kit to be fitted.
  6. Driver goes out to car with gloves and mask on and fits protection kit (clingfilm for steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake lever then seat cover and floor mat, door handles to be cleaned with antibacterial wipe) vehicle then taken to workshop.
  7. Vehicle is worked on by technician (wearing gloves and face mask at all times)
  8. Vehicle taken back to showroom to be cleaned and sanitised if machine is here (if machine not here then exterior wash only).
  9. Customer called, invoice explained and payment taken over the phone. Customer to advise what time for collection and then paperwork left in vehicle.
  10. Customer arrives and cleans hands with sanitiser, goes around to service desk and key will be handed via service desk with customer standing at a distance. Then customer exits through front door and walks back round to car park.

We look forward to seeing you again. Stay safe.

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