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Learn To Drive More Economically

We know owning a car can be one of the greater expenses in life, so we thought we'd share some tips on how to save more on your fuel, and drive more economically!

1 - Tyre Pressure

You should always ensure your tyres are fully pumped up to help save fuel! If your tyres are too low in pressure your car has to work harder to keep moving smoothy, consuming more fuel.

Filling Up
Tyre Pressure

2 - Keep Rolling 

Did you know that when you are approaching a roundabout, if you can avoid completely stopping and just slow down and 'roll' this will actually save you fuel! ​

Keep Rolling

3 - SpeedLimit 

Obviously this one is the most obvious, but though the speed limit is there for everyones safety, sticking to the limit is a more economical way of driving!​

Save Button
30mph Sign

We hope this will help you to drive more economically, and also saves you a few pennies!